Shelley, you are first and foremost, loving, honest, highly trained, funny, and put every ounce of yourself into whatever you do. You create a positive space, a safe space, a nonjudgmental space, and are extremely gifted… at life. You focus on what counts in a person’s life and help make that reality even better for them...You put 150% of yourself in everything you do, and you are so very WISE, WISE, WISE! I LOVE MY SHELLEY BELLY!

-Diana F: Channel

These are the words that come to mind when I think of you, Shelley:



Invitation to be engaged with life.

Living fully, lovingly,


Authentic Joy


Live Now, Live Well


-Rita R, Toltec Master Teacher

-Rita R, Toltec Master Teacher

Shelley wakes people up with a very gentle manner—so that they believe a new perspective—and new life—is possible for them. Gentle, in that she proves that very small changes can make a very big difference—so they

can get out of their inertia and go for what they want—what their soul desires.



-Mimi D: Speaker,

Writing Coach