Getting to the Heart & Soul of the Matter

Shelley Whizin is the founder and CEO of the Soul Diving Institute™ (SDI), established to study and teach the art and science of BEing Human.  She’s also the author of "What Do You Bring to the Table? A Savory, Sensory and Inspirational Guide to Living a Yummy Delicious Life”, “The Healing Journal” and “The Story of the Magical Baby Grand Piano”.

Soul Diving™ is a vision quest. It is a guided adventure into the depths of your own BEing. It's about the "plunge"...the dive we take into ourselves...maybe for no good reason. Maybe we dive just because we want to...because it's exciting and fun to explore BEing human. Maybe it's to heal wounds that have been tucked away way too long... preventing us from BEing fully present in our lives.


Regardless of the reasons we use to go Soul Diving™, ultimately Soul Diving™ is a way to get back to the LOVE we all desire to have... to find ways to bring ourselves and others closer into our hearts... to find ways to BE in the moments of our lives with conscious awareness... to be so present we are able to catch those thoughts that keep us hidden under the beautiful coral BEFORE they get loose and swim astray, causing an effect in the oceans of life, we'd rather not experience.


Soul Diving™ utilizes "in the water" thinking through a variety of cultures, rituals, exercises, processes, discussions, personal exploration and experiences. The way I see it, Soul Diving™ is a way of exploring, discovering and expressing the essence of the heart, playfully and joyfully.


Through exploring multi-traditions, beliefs and philosophies we discover buried treasure, lying within each system assisting you on your way to taking the plunge in "re-thinking, re-inventing, re-minding and re-choosing" your life, so that in every moment you feel nourished, energized, balanced and joyful. After all, it is YOUR LIFE and YOU'RE WORTH every single breath you take in making your life wonderful. Are you not?


There is no question about it, there are extraordinary creatures, rocks and plants living in the oceans of life. The discoveries are vast and life changing. Soul Diving™ is a sure adventure, indeed. So, dare to dive. Take a deep breath. Here we go... gently, lovingly, playfully and very, very deep.





Are you 100% satisfied

with your life?

● Do you feel slightly unhappy, feeling that something is
missing, but you don’t know what it is?
● Are you walking around with beliefs that stop you from being
happy and you don’t even know what those beliefs are?
● Are you using set-up words that make you feel bad, like
“should” or “worry”?
● Are you waiting for something to happen to be happy?
If you want to BE 100% satisfied with your life, we are going to
explore the 3 BE’s to BEing a Happy Y.O.U.

  • BElieving…
  • BEhaving…
  • BEcoming…
  • All leading to BEing the Happy Y.O.U. (Your Own Uniqueness) you’ve always wanted to BE.

● I’m here to guide you into your beautiful Self with honor,
dignity and regard, and a bit of humor thrown into the mix.

BEing conscious in life helps us notice everything we think, do, and say, to find new, enlightening ways of breaking old limiting patterns, resulting in feeling a sense of wellbeing.


BEing Conscious 101 is our 4-week opening program, created to prepare you with food for thought that nourishes your heart and soul, challenges your mind, and expands your level of understanding, to live in that precious space between exhalation and inhalation, more aware and more awake in every possible moment… all the way to what we think is the “end” of life.


The good news is we don’t have to wait until the end of life to be conscious of living a purposeful life now. When we consciously choose different ways of thinking, believing, behaving and being, we have fuller, happier, and more joyful human experiences, honoring our individual soul’s journey with honor, dignity and regard.


In this program, we take a deeper dive into the 3 fundamentals of BEing Conscious: BElieving, BEhaving and BEcoming. All 3 BE’s make up the foundation for everything we do in life. Once we learn how to navigate these fundamentals with more ease and grace, we are equipped to handle experiences that come our way, holding love and light as our guides, and a huge touch of humor thrown in there. After all, we can’t take ourselves so seriously that we strip the very joy out of living! It is up to us to stay in grace, by allowing the nature of LOVE to permeate every thought, belief, behavior and action, no matter what.


We will explore your beliefs and your behavior, asking questions about who you want to become and what you truly desire. You will be guided with a gentle hand and the highest regard for wherever you are on your personal soul’s journey, with tools to empower you to get from where you are to where you want to be, so that in your last breath you can say you have lived the life you loved living.

  • 4 -- Live Online Weekly Group Dive Sessions with Shelley

  • 4 Weekly Meditations - available for download from your private membership site

  • “3 Easy Ways for Deepening the Quality of Your Life” - eBook written by Shelley Whizin

  • Private 30-minute one-on-one consultation with Shelley​

One on one Soul Diving™ Exploration Sessions are a way of assessing where you are right now and where you want to go. Through a brief questionnaire, you will begin to discover what pulls at your heart strings, what holds you back from living the life you absolutely love, and what dreams are living under the surface. Warning: You may walk away feeling better, more hopeful, and more aware, excited about taking further dives into yourself, because you are worth taking the time for, to become your very own CEO, Chief Energy Officer.

The Soul Divers Dive Club™ is a safe and fun place for you to dive with other fellow Soul Divers who love to explore the human/spiritual dynamic. In scuba diving, we always dive with a buddy. At the Soul Diver’s Dive Club, meet other buddies who are like-minded, heart-centered, and devoted human beings who are supportive of each other, who build each other up, and hold the space for the genius within to emerge.


We will gather once a month to bring and discover new treasure waiting to be found. We will talk about every part of the human experience, and how to make the most out of life… all the way to your very last breath.


So, get your equipment ready. We’re going to do some serious Soul Diving, just for the fun of it! And, don’t be surprised if you grow beyond your wildest dreams!

“I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around.  It is up to us, while we are alive, to evolve on a healing journey, finding ways to get back to feeling the most healing emotion we have, and that is love, no matter what circumstances arise. 


Having experience as a certified death midwife and end of life trainer, I have learned that when we become conscious of dying, we truly become conscious of living, and begin to live our lives more fully, not only with a sense of urgency, but with that precious sense of infinite possibilities to actually live the life we love living as a sacred privilege!


As a human being I’m always passionate and curious about all that life has to offer.  I’m blessed to be the mother of a beautiful daughter, a wonderful son-in-law, and triply blessed as grandmother of 3 wonderful grandchildren.  I’m a sister, a friend, a niece, a cousin, a cook, a coach, a teacher, a caregiver and a hospice volunteer.  I’m also a grateful breast cancer survivor who knows the importance of deciding how to consciously live life to the fullest, no matter how long we have to live. 


I am a person who lives by the values of honor, dignity and regard. And I love bringing love into everything I do.”

“My experience of healing with you, my most precious One, is that you shine the light of unconditional love and nonjudgment into every moment, shining a beam of light on the illusion that is causing the pain and suffering, which then lovingly brings the awareness, truth and the solution.”


-Christinea J: Healer, Graphic Designer

“Shelley, you encourage people to "go deeper within for answers"-- but I don't know if that's articulating any different than "soul diving."


-Karen K: Professional Organizer

“Hello Dear Heart! I received your evaluations, and I am so absolutely delighted with all the glowing response (not surprised, however), but to see it all in writing and so very positive. It makes my heart sing! You are a very talented trainer, and I am honored to have you on board with us. Just had to let you know! I don't need to say keep up the good work, because I know you will. I am sending tons of love your way.”


Sandy H, National Training Director, The Twilight Brigade

“My life coach, Shelley Whizin, literally saved my life when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and then lost my husband of 45 years. She teaches how to navigate through Earth's adventures looking through the eyes of our bodies, minds, and Spirits, and come out a greater person. Her talents are invaluable to one’s life, and to One's Soul.”


- Toni Bua: CEO, Bua Acting For Life; President, Here's To Life Foundation, RIP

“The Brigade training is forever embedded in my being. The training healed my "Soul," and I thank you for allowing me to bring my brokenness for mending through the various exercises and the ultimate power of love. Thank you! I tell everyone I come in contact that are in my similar condition or just broken about your powerful healing workshop/training. I hope they are open to an incredible healing that is enduring and special. Thank you for loving me and introducing me to lovers of healing. I love you and pray for your continual call to heal. Forever grateful!”


-Porchia J

"I came to Shelley looking for both direction and assurance. At this time in my life, I was feeling lost and unsure if I was even capable of achieving what I had deemed to be considered success. Full of doubt, Shelley helped me realize that what I was looking for wasn't necessarily tangible, but instead it was a matter of shifting my mindset. Quickly I realized that if I wanted to change my reality, I first had to change my mentality. After battling through every obstacle presented my way, 12 months later I owned up my own business against all odds. Today, my business is thriving better than I could have ever imagined, and I owe a huge thanks to the one and only, Shelley Whizin. Without her, I might not have ever believed that I could accomplish what once felt unobtainable.”


- Jeremy Fox, Founder, Fox Training Facility

“It was so wonderful being in your weekend training; it helped me grow in many ways. I hope I see you again sometime, as I really appreciate you and your warmth, humor, and big-hearted wisdom. Thank you for your inspiration to go on this path.”


Annette B, Reiki and Massage Therapist

Believing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, sometimes the journey of BEing Human can be a bumpy ride. Each living moment must count as living a joyful, fulfilled, and meaningful life in such a way that if each were to die in the next moment, we’d feel ready to go. Perhaps it is easier said than done.


Do you have any regrets, resentments, or longings that get in the way of feeling a sustained sense of well-being or being your best self? Navigate your human experience with as much ease and grace by listening to “Soul Diving into BEing Human, Playing in the Deep End” with host Shelley Whizin, a podcast designed to help you through the bumpy ride of being human. Open yourself to engage in deeply sincere soul diving conversations with Shelley as she helps you navigate your human journey towards living a yummy delicious life.

Daily Whizdoms was created to inspire, excite, and re-mind you to consciously focus on thoughts that make you feel good. You will receive a daily re-minder to help shift your energy, ultimately creating a healthy relationship between your human and your soul. Using Daily Whizdoms will help you feel happy and joyful, whole, and balanced, all with a sense of well-being from the inside out. Life is filled with infinite possibilities. All you need to do is channel your energy in the areas that reflect your heart’s desire. I hope you will give yourself these short moments it takes to ponder these thoughts. It’s your life. Enjoy the journey. And remember to bring love into everything you do.

Whizin Wonders was created to share my curiosity and wonder about life… and death… and everything in between. We will explore what it means to BE human AND spiritual, for we cannot separate ourselves, one from the other. Our human/spiritual dynamic has been, and will always be, our birthright, and my life-long fascination. Because we are spiritual beings having a human experience, BEing human can often be a bumpy ride, and also presents a grand and wondrous opportunity for growth. There are so many topics to explore. I hope you enjoy my missives. I look forward to wondering together, so here we go! It’s your life. Enjoy the journey. And remember to bring love into everything you do.

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